Short Bio - Johann Köppel

Johann Köppel is a full professor at the Berlin Institute of Technology (Germany) and head of the Environmental Assessment and Planning Research Group ( He specializes in research and teaching on environmental impact assessment and co-authored comprehensive reviews on wind energy’s wildlife interactions. He served in all CWW’s scientific committees since 2011, hosted the CWW2015 conference in Berlin and edited the book ‘Wind Energy and Wildlife Interactions - Presentations from the CWW2015 Conference’ (March 2017). His current research focuses on emerging issues and draws on a comprehensive ‘horizon scan’, an interdisciplinary feasibility study involving stakeholders from academia and research and development, agencies, wind energy sector, consultants, and civil society. This feasibility study has been initiated and serves the German Federal Environmental Foundation (Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt, DBU), engaged in innovative approaches for renewable energy’s pathway.